eRaksha Application can be accessed on Laptop,Android enabled phones and tablets, iOS enabled phones and tablets.The notifications messages will also be available through SMS on cellphones.

Our Modules

    1. Attendance Management

    2. Time Table Management

    3. Fees Management

    4. Visitor Management

    5. Vehicle Tracking system

    6. Notification and Homework Management

    7. Inventory Management

    8. Enquiry Management

    9. Class Teachers App

    10. Parents App

Rfid Based Attendance for Student:

  • Punch in and punch out of student with photo of the student

  • Online data of the student that can be accessed from anywhere and anytime with proper credential

  • Digital database of the student from age of 6-18 years

  • Different access level at different level (State, District, Taluka, School)

  • Dashboard and Dynamic reports which can be useful for Decision making and state survey.

  • System can be easily integrated with different programs of the government.

  • Android Tab to every principal to Manage their school.

What we Provide:

  • Rfid Machine with camera Enabled.

  • Rfid Card to every student.

  • Id card with lanyard and holder to every student.

  • Internet Connectivity to every machine.

  • Tab to Every Principal.

  • Implementation of the machine which include Lan and cabling to every device.

  • Hardware and software support for 1 year.

  • Rfid Based attendance solution for student.

  • Android based attendance based solution for teachers.

  • Stock and inventory Management

Android Based Attendance Management

  • Centralized Attendance solution for multi location.

  • Cloud Web Software with Payroll.

  • GPS Geo Fencing with selfie attendance using android Smartphone .

  • Employees separate login in web based software.

  • Employees Self Service Software

  • GPS Punching from Smartphone, Route distance and time solution for field staff.

  • Employees Punch IN @ any location and Punch out @ any location

All reports are one click away-

  • This can save a lot of time and manpower which was required for surveys.

Digital Reports

  • Makes it easy to analyze and work on specific area for improvement whenever required

  • And, above all digitization will be beneficial for environment.