eRaksha is a bridge between teacher and parents to monitor the overall development of children. eRaksha can build a proper transparency and communication between Parents and the School/Teachers for better growth and development of students. It provides mobile application(android) & Web login. The app is a good resource for working parents as often its tough for them to track the activities of their child due to their busy schedules. When the student comes to school he/she can tap the card on the bio-metric device allowing the parents to get a real time app notification of his/her arrival. The device also clicks the picture of the student while punching the card.

It further allows teachers to upload homework or messages straight on the app, instead of writing individually in every student's diary. Parents can also apply for leave on the app itself. It currently offers content in English and also plans to go vernacular by adding Marathi and Hindi to its platform soon.

eRaksha is currently offering its solutions to over 20 schools covering 25,000 students

eRaksha device are installed at School Entry/Exit gates. These devices are connected with the School server housed in the school/ hosting on web accessible via Internet. Each day the students will register their attendance with the e-Raksha device. The server will automatically download the attendance data at a pre-set time & process the student attendance sending a message to the parents/guardians of their Presence or absentee student via SMS gateway server. And all the process is very simple and highly secure to control forgery and tailgating.


1) Existing mechanical security can be quickly converted to the e-Raksha secure access system.

2) Activation and opening time approx. 0.5 seconds due to small size of data required on card.

3) Validation is clearly signalled by a visual and audible signal at the electronic reader machine.

4) Electronic reader machine are self-contained and do not require much wiring

5) System can be easily expanded to adapt to changing needs

Company News

"This startup ensures that your child is never out of your sight"

Money Control, December 27' 2016

From real time alerts about the status of their children to receiving updates from teachers at school, Mumbai-based technology startup eRaksha acts as a bridge between teacher and parents to monitor the overall development of children.

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